From Here to There

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” There’s really a lot of great truth packed into this small quote. Life is a journey, because we are all constantly going through some transition. Even if most of our circumstances stay the same, there is always some constant change that is happening in our lives. […]

More Than You Need

We will never pray so many prayers, receive so much forgiveness, or absorb so much of God’s presence that He somehow becomes “less.” He will never weaken. He will never run out of love, because it comes out of who inexhaustibly is. He does not have a limited supply of grace, or of mercy, because […]

The Politics Sermon

Is God a Republican, or a Democrat? Do we cast a vote for a person because of their policies, or because of their character? Can morality be separated from political policy? Does God really even care who we vote for? How separate should our faith be from our politics? The discussion of faith and politics can […]

Just Beginning

Vacation Bible School week comes to an official close this Sunday, but we always consider VBS to be just a beginning. It’s an opportunity for our kids to enjoy a week of friends, fun, games, activities, and crafts. But even more than that, it’s an opportunity for our kids to experience God’s love and truth. […]

Make It Visible

No matter how powerful our emotions are, they remain hidden until we act on them. We may even take great pains to keep them hidden. We may choose to keep our disappointments to ourselves, for example, or hide our sadness behind an outward show of false happiness. Or, on the positive side of emotions, we may […]

Take a Walk

Some of the best therapy we can get at times is to simply go for a walk. Find a quiet place to be alone with your thoughts, and just take a walk. When we’re angry, a good walk gives the mind and heart a chance to slow down a little, as if they’re matching the pace […]

More Than Fish

This Sunday at Liberty Hill should be a lot of fun for our church family! Some of our guys will be getting up bright and early Sunday morning to get started on the work for our annual fish fry. It’s no small task to feed over 300 people, but these guys are glad to give the […]

Made for More

For the most part, life is composed of routines. We have our daily habits, contained within our daily schedules, that repeat themselves. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, by the way. Having stability in life usually includes a certain amount of routine. But also know this – your life is much bigger than your routines. You were […]