A Little History

Liberty Hill was founded in 1886 on the heels of a brush arbor revival in Aid, Missouri. For the first few years, the church met in a Presbyterian house. In 1892 the church constructed its first building. The church continued to use this building until a new church was built in 1951. At this time many young families were attending Liberty Hill from all around the Aid area.

A Legacy With A Vision

Throughout the years many of those young families grew older as kids moved away. The church realized if it did not once again grow younger that, like many country churches, it may fall on hard times. So the church began to pray. They prayed that God would send ten young families to Liberty Hill.

One after another young couples with children began to make their way out to Aid, Missouri. They soon called Liberty Hill home and the church has continued to grow over the past two decades from a small country church into a thriving community that regularly sees over 300 in attendance on a Sunday morning.