There is no substitute for the hard work of practice and preparation. This lesson applies to the student trying to make the basketball team, and also to the coach leading that very same team. In hobbies and in careers, from novices to professionals, the more we practice the more prepared we are when it’s time to put our skills and abilities to the test.

That also applies to our spiritual lives. To be spiritually prepared means that we have made our spiritual well-being a priority, and have taken care of the needs of our soul with just as much passion and interest as we care for the needs of our physical and emotional life. It means that we have spent time nourishing our soul through worship, prayer, and study of God’s word. It means that we have sought to understand more about God, His will, and His ways.

One of Jesus’ most important talks in the Gospels centered on the idea of being “ready.” This Sunday at Liberty Hill we bring our series “Jesus Talks” to a close by talking about these powerful words from Jesus on being ready. Specifically, being ready to face the challenges, temptations, struggles, and opposition that will increase before He returns. Jesus made it clear that the Father has a plan for something more than this present world, and He warns us to “be ready.”

There is also another benefit of good preparation: confidence. We can face challenges and deal with pressure if we know that we are ready. Obeying Jesus’ call to “be ready” will give us confidence to face the present as well as the future. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM for our worship service as we pay attention to Jesus’ command and begin living as prepared people.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne