Professionals in any field were once simply inexperienced beginners. It is through the processes of time, learning, training, and experience, that the dedicated novice becomes a seasoned professional. Expertise is acquired, not awarded. That the term “professional” even exists is a tribute to the fact that there is an appreciable difference between the skills of an amateur and those of a professional. And if you’ve ever been an amateur surrounded by professionals, you know that it can be discouraging.

I have known many christians who have had that same discouraging experience in their spiritual lives. They felt as if what they didn’t know or understand was so great that they could only see themselves as amateurs in their faith.

Especially when it comes to prayer.

I have had numerous conversations over the years with followers of Christ that felt like they couldn’t pray very well, or were concerned that they were getting it wrong. They felt clumsy and out of place when they tried to pray. Fears of not praying “the right way,” or praying for the “wrong things” can easily lead some to simply give up prayer altogether.

But if you look at what Jesus taught about prayer, He gave the advantage to the amateur, not the professional. His teachings on prayer were simple, not complex. He made it clear that prayer was a privilege given to us by a loving God who wants us to talk to Him; not by a critical and unloving God that only wants to keep His distance. While we can easily see that there were deep and profound theological truths behind what Jesus taught about prayer, we shouldn’t miss this clear fact that Jesus proclaimed with simple clarity: anyone can pray.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we’ll be looking at the simple truths Jesus taught about prayer, and how becoming a person of prayer is not a matter of skill, but of choice. Whether you consider yourself an expert or an amateur in your prayer life, join us Sunday at 10:30 AM and soak up the good words Jesus has given us about the incredible privilege of talking to the almighty Creator of the universe!


Grace Received,

Joe Payne