Our world is noisy. With the exception of moments where we steal away to a quiet place, sounds are constantly finding their way to our ears. And perhaps because we take in so many sounds during a day’s time, we’ve learned to shut out or ignore much of them.

But there are some sounds that we actively seek out. Like the voice of someone we love. Maybe a song that fits the mood of the moment. Maybe a word of advice when we’re making a tough decision, or a word of comfort when we’re feeling the weight of our world. Rather than shutting these sounds out, we actively pursue them because we know we need them.

The words of Jesus are those kind of sounds as well. The teachings of Jesus are sounds worth listening to, as they are the sounds of life. Words of wisdom build our character and develop values that shape who we become. They are treasures that add value to our souls. They are the substance of true life.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we begin a new series that focuses on some of the key principles Jesus taught and reinforced in His earthly ministry. These are foundational teachings that will help us gain a better understanding of what was most important to Jesus, and what He believes is most important for us to grasp. Join us at 10:30 AM as we begin our “Jesus Talks” series with a look at how Jesus provides a cure for anxiety through trust in the Father that knows best.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne