Trust is a broad word. We may trust a great number of different people in our lives, but we probably don’t trust them all to the same degree. You trust only a small number of people with your most personal secrets. There is a larger number of people that you trust enough to talk openly with, but you would stop short of divulging too much. We’re simply closer to some people than others, and over time that closeness has created a stronger level of trust. Or the stronger level of trust has created the closeness. Either or.

There are some people in our lives that if they give us advice, we trust their wisdom and counsel enough to follow it completely. There are others that we trust enough to give a good hearing to, but we wouldn’t necessarily follow their words without hesitation. Given that our level of trust varies from person to person, who would you say that you trust the most? And let’s follow that with another question: how much do you trust Jesus Christ? Do you trust Him enough to consider what He has to say? Or, do you trust Him to such a degree that you have made a commitment in your life to following His counsel?

The more authority we believe Jesus possesses, the more we will trust Him. We place greater trust where greater truth and authority has been shown. This is one reason why it is so important for us to consider who we believe Jesus to be. Who you believe He is determines how far you will trust Him. How far you will follow Him.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we’ll be talking about the authority of Jesus Christ. Does He have authority in your life to be a helpful teacher, or to be the absolute Lord? Join us at 10:30 AM as we continue our “Foundations of Jesus” series by considering just how far we’re willing to follow Jesus.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne