Even the best of us are at times, questionable. It comes naturally with our imperfection. Our emotions can get the best of us. So can our ambition. Or our ego. Or our desires. Any number of things can bring us to a place where, no matter how otherwise good we may be, we choose poorly. We may choose to do what is wrong, despite what we know is right. We may choose to say things that are hurtful, misleading, or simply better left unsaid. There are always consequences to these choices, and our relationships are typically the area of our lives that feel those consequences the most. Even small infractions can lead our closest relationships to feel strained, tense, or frustrated. And the larger infractions, of course, can completely destroy them.

Trust is essential to growing healthy relationships. Once broken, the journey back to restoring trust can be long and difficult. But it is a journey worth taking. Trust is vital to developing intimacy, and the closeness of a strong and loving relationship is worth the work it takes to experience it. Knowing that we are all fallible helps to remind us that we need both the forgiveness and the accountability of other people to help us move past our stumblings and failures and the distrust they bring.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we continue our series on “The Well-Built Family” by talking about building the kind of life that develops trust. The greatest joys of loving deeply come to us with the closeness of trust. Our souls need it, and our relationships are worth it! Come join us Sunday at 10:30 AM and work on your trust alongside the rest of us! Sunday School begins at 9:30 AM.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne