Every day, the world is shaped by families. Whether we recognize it or not, inside the walls of our homes we are preparing to impact the rest of the world. The way we speak to each other in our homes changes the way we speak to people outside of our homes. The emotions we stir in the lives of each other at home affects the emotions we carry to everyone else. And the same with our values, our principles, and our attitudes. What happens in our homes from the time we are very young to the time we are very old is carried outside our doors to the rest of the world we meet along the way. Good or bad. Head out your door to work after a tense and frustrating morning at home, and you’ll see how your home life shapes your world. Or…greet the world from your doorstep with satisfaction and contentment, and everything takes on a different perspective. As the family goes, so goes the world.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we begin a new series of messages that focus on the ingredients that make for a well-built family. We’ll be talking about characteristics and values that will serve as solid foundations for strong, healthy, and contented families. In a world that needs more of the good and less of the bad, we’re committing to making a difference by beginning in our own families and homes. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM as I talk about the first quality in the foundation of well-built families, and begin making a difference in yours! Sunday School begins at 9:30 AM.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne