We don’t want to pay too much for the things we buy, and we at least like to feel as if we’ve gotten our money’s worth. It’s even better when we feel like we’ve under paid for something. We all like bargains. The ultimate bargain would be getting the most priceless treasure possible, for free.

For those who believe in Christ, that ultimate bargain is precisely what we have received. We can not buy what we can only receive as a gift, and that is the life of Jesus Christ. Scripture teaches us that Jesus became our substitute and took on the penalty for our sins: death. But then He did even more. He overcame death with an everlasting life, and now offers that life to anyone who will believe in Him as Lord. We cannot buy it and we cannot earn it. We can only receive it as a gift. (See Ephesians 2:8-9.)

For those of us who have received that gift, we also want others to know about this incredible offer God has made. Sharing the “gospel” (the good news of God’s offer) does not involve us forcing our religious beliefs on someone else. Nor do we use guilt, emotionalism, or sensationalism to manipulate anyone into making a compulsive decision to become a Christian. Nor do we take the role of an aggressive salesman and do everything possible to squeeze out a “yes” from someone that is really wanting to say no. Sharing the gospel with someone is just that: sharing. It is taking something that has been freely given to us, and finding the best possible way to give it to others.

We who follow Christ are to do this by loving people enough to consider what the world looks
like from their perspective. We love them enough to listen to their concerns, ideas, or objections. We love them enough to be gracious and considerate with our words, attitudes, and actions. We love them enough to serve them by lending a hand and meeting a need. And when asked, we love them enough to offer explanations for what we believe, and for why we believe.

The act of sharing the gospel is called evangelism, and it is a vital component of the spiritual foundation God lays for us. This Sunday at Liberty Hill we plan on challenging the way we think about evangelism, and showing that it can be more simple than we may realize. And far less awkward than it sometimes becomes. Join us at 10:30 AM as we conclude our “Foundations” series by explaining how evangelism is a call for us to become givers and explainers, not salesmen.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne