For followers of Christ, God’s word matters. Tremendously. It is our source of ultimate truth, and the guide for knowing Him and His will for our lives. But that also means God’s heart matters. By “heart,” I mean the center of who He is in His character and personhood, in His passion and will. This very core of His being contains the motives for His actions and words. His heart is who He is, and how He acts.

God is certainly greater than our ability to understand Him, but He has intentionally chosen to reveal the state of His heart to us. In His word, He reveals what is important to Him. He shows us what He values, and even what He is willing to do in the pursuit of what is important to Him. Fortunately for us, He has revealed that He has a tremendous, immeasurable love for mankind. Even in our state of rebellion against Him and His ways, His love drives Him to reach out to us, seeking us, and offering to save us from our sins.

At Liberty Hill, we began 2016 with Proverbs 4:23 as our guiding verse for the year:

Above all else, guard your heart,
    for everything you do flows from it. – Prov. 4:23 (NIV)

This verse reminds us to pay careful attention to our heart, to take care of the inner workings of our soul. All of our life flows from the kind of person we are deep in our heart.

Now, as 2016 is coming to an end, we’re coming full circle back to this verse and realizing this truth: God’s God's Heart Mattersheart should matter to us. If something is so powerful and important to be part of God’s heart and character, then it should also be important to us. What is on His heart, should best be on our heart.

This Sunday we’ll begin a new sermon series entitled “God’s Heart Matters.” These next few weeks will lead us into a greater appreciation of Christmas, and will also help us understand those things that matter most to God. And why they also matter to us. Join us for our 10:30 AM worship service as we see if our hearts are in rhythm with God! Sunday School begins at 9:30 AM.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne