Like me, you’ve probably experienced the occasional lapses in memory. Names, dates, details, all can easily slip past our ability to recall them. Even moments can fall into that category, as experiences and moments in time get lost in the shuffle of so many other memories. And then there are those special moments that are so important we likely will never forget them. But, because they are so special and so significant, we go out of our way to commemorate or celebrate them. Those are the memories that we are actually working hard to never, ever forget.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we bring our sermon series, “From Here to There,” to a close. We do so by talking about the things God wants us to remember most in our journey of life. The things He wants us to work at never forgetting, because they are a defining part of who we are. This is even more significant for me, as we’ll be talking about this on a day that I hope we never, ever get close to forgetting: September 11. Some things deserve our attention, and demand that we frequently give them our focus. These are the things that shape us, define us, and become a part of our character. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM as we talk about this power of remembering that also moves us forward.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne