Over the years, I’ve heard many people casually refer to God speaking to them. That may seem odd to some, but it’s certainly reasonable. If we believe there is a God who designed us, then certainly He can communicate with us.

But I’ve also heard others say they’ve never heard God speak to them.

I am convinced that there are times when God seems silent to us. It may be that He actually is silent for a moment. Perhaps He’s waiting for us to act or respond to what He’s already revealed or communicated to us. Perhaps He is speaking, but we’re just not listening. Or, perhaps His silence is what He’s communicating, after we suddenly realize we’ve lost touch with Him.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we’re continuing our series “From Here to There,” which uses the life of Moses as an example for us to learn from. The story of Moses hearing God speak will help us consider our own experiences of hearing from God. Or not. Join us at 10:30 AM as we talk about how God has something to say to us all.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne