The God of Much MoreWe will never pray so many prayers, receive so much forgiveness, or absorb so much of God’s presence that He somehow becomes “less.” He will never weaken. He will never run out of love, because it comes out of who inexhaustibly is. He does not have a limited supply of grace, or of mercy, because there is no limited supply of Himself. God will always be more than we need. Even in a thousand eternities.

Rather than thinking about a God who simply “meets” our needs, what if we understood that God always exceeds our needs? Our experiences of Him may be limited, but it certainly isn’t because He is limited. He is a God of much more than we know, have received, or have experienced. This Sunday at 10:30 AM I’ll begin a two-part sermon series that takes us to the scriptures where we will see that we have a God of much more than we will ever need. Our salvation – and the life that comes from Him – is much more than we often consider it to be. Join us and begin the experience of knowing the God of much more!

Grace Received,

Joe Payne