patienceLife should come with a warning label: “Warning: contents under pressure.” The stresses and issues of daily life easily lead us to feel that the pressure is building. Financial concerns, relationship strains, family schedules, and the daily dose of anxiety delivered by the news media all can add up to a heart that is under way too much pressure.

We often show the signs of living under pressure long before we take steps to seek relief. One of those most common signs of the dangerous buildup of pressure in our souls is lack of patience. You know what that’s like. The smallest problem leads to instant agitation. An otherwise insignificant comment from someone suddenly seems like a major offense. The traffic lights never seem to work for us, and of course, the other drivers only make the frustration worse. When some reach this point of impatience, they are one agitation away from losing their temper, and one agitation away from saying and doing things that often lead to tremendous regret.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill I’ll be talking about two things that help us develop patience. We understand that life will always come with issues that build pressure. So perhaps we need to learn to process that pressure rightly. Join us at 9:30 AM for Sunday School, and 10:30 AM for our worship time as we look to become people who are patient under pressure!

Grace Received,

Joe Payne