This Sunday at Liberty Hill should be a lot of fun for our church family! Some of our guys will be fish frygetting up bright and early Sunday morning to get started on the work for our annual fish fry. It’s no small task to feed over 300 people, but these guys are glad to give the effort to do so – and we’re glad they do it!

As much as we enjoy the fish fry and all of our get-togethers like this, we really enjoy something else much more than the fish. It’s a chance for us to talk and laugh together, and enjoy spending time connecting. We take a short break in our busy lives and schedules, and simply enjoy the company of good friends. We form new relationships, and strengthen old ones. We learn more about each other, and we are reminded that we are not alone. And we are also reminded that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Along those lines, our 10:30 AM worship service will center on the second part of our new “Made for More” series. I’ll be talking about what God has made us for, and what will bring a sense of wholeness and fulfillment to our lives. Come experience it with us; we hope to fill both the body and the soul this Sunday!

Grace Received,

Joe Payne