“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:19

That’s quite a statement. This scripture is telling us directly and clearly that there has never been, nor will there ever be, any need believers have that God will not meet with His supply.

There are two unspoken conflicts that we all go through with this verse, though. The first is that we sometimes struggle separating “want” from “need.” They often feel quite the same to us, and our “wants” may even feel more compelling and urgent to us than some “needs.” But there is never any hint of a promise that God will give us whatever we want, and that’s actually a very good thing. I think we all can admit that we may occasionally want things that are actually very harmful to us. It can also be difficult for us to distinguish our real need from our perceived need, as we may not always correctly identify what our most true need is. But this is no conflict for God. An all-knowing God will correctly identify what we truly need, will also know the best way to meet that need, and will even know when it is best to do so.

The second conflict in this verse is one that we are responsible for resolving. This is not a conflict on God’s part, but solely on us: He may supply what is needed, but we may not receive it. Through our choices, we may choose to not accept what God offers. Maybe we are so distracted by want that we fail to recognize an answer to our true need. Maybe the answer God gives isn’t what we are looking for, or just isn’t what we want, so we keep looking for something that He will never give. Or maybe our relationship with God has stopped being a priority to us, and so His voice is being drowned out by the other voices that are dominating in our souls.

I Am JesusFor either conflict, the focus on our part must be strengthening our connection to Christ. God promises to meet our needs through Him, so a healthy and ever-growing connection to Him will change the way we experience our needs being met. This Sunday at Liberty Hill we bring our “I Am” series to an end by considering Jesus’ declaration, “I am the vine.” It is here that Jesus takes the time to teach us of His willingness to supply what we need, and of our ultimate need to be connected to Him. Join us as 10:30 AM as we embrace what it means to live in connection with the great supplier!

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe Payne