Even the most normal, routine, and ordinary visit to my physician always begins the same way: questions and vital signs. The questions are a quick overview of what’s going on with my health, and then the process begins of checking my blood pressure, heart rate, and anything else that helps give her an overview of how my health is. We may not think about it as much until we’re sick, but we still all know this basic truth of life: your health matters. That’s why we get check-ups, watch what we eat (occasionally), and pay attention to our vital signs. We know that our physical health affects everything else is our life.

But so does the health of our soul. And unfortunately, there isn’t always a quick and simple way to check the vital signs of our soul. The really dangerous thing about this is that the health of our spiritual heart – our soul – is even more important than the health of our physical heart. Even when our bodies weaken and our health deteriorates, a healthy soul will still enjoy life and love deeply. But if the soul loses vitality and health, then even physical health won’t make a person feel satisfied or Your Heart Mattershappy. Your spiritual heart isn’t just important, it’s everything.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill our new year begins with our annual Vision Sunday service, and we will focus on this vital truth: your heart matters. Join us at 10:30 AM as we step forward into 2016 with a fresh focus on developing our spiritual health!

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe Payne