Heroes inspire us. They challenge us. Their stories make us more than we would be without them. They remind us that we should dare to reach beyond our present grasp. They teach us that we can accomplish more, and experience more. They teach us that we are more than we often realize.

The Bible is full of heroes. Familiar Bible stories that tell tales of faith, strength, courage, hope, and devotion. For those who have spent much of their life in Church, these are stories that have built character, developed a sense of virtue, and have become a part of the moral story of who we are. For those who are new to the Bible, they are an untapped source of inspiration and amazement that deserve to be heard.

Beginning on September 13, we’ll begin a new Sunday morning series designed to help us experience the stories of some of the Bible’s greatest heroes. We’ll see that the men and women of the Bible were ordinary people just like you and me. But, their lives became extraordinary because of their faith in God, and their willingness to follow Him. Join us for “Heroes” and find the hero that God has designed you to become!