To know that we are not alone is a truth that can lead us to either be comforted, or troubled. It isn’t enough to know there’s someone – or something – else near; we need clarification! This is even more crucial when we’re talking about life in the immaterial, spiritual world.

We are each more than a body. It is our soul that is the seat of who we are, of what our mind leads us to do The Immaterial Lifeand become. It is in this non-physical existence that our life is first lived out. All of our actions and words first existed as a thought and idea before they began to affect our material world. And it is here in our spiritual world that we encounter the truth that we indeed are not alone.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we’ll be taking the next step in our look at “The Immaterial Life,” and we’ll consider who else is involved in our non-physical world. The answer is both good and bad, but we have a promise that is guaranteed to lead us into the good. Join us at 10:30 AM and see who else is sharing space in your immaterial world!

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe Payne