Contentment is a blessed virtue that should be one of the most desired states of mind we could ever pursue.  To be at peace with all that is in our lives, and to have that sense of gratitude for all that composes our lives, is certainly what most of us want. But if that is not your present state of mind, don’t be too upset with yourself. A little dissastisfaction can be a good thing.

We never seek to improve our lives, or make changes for the better unless we first feel at least a small
amount of dissatisfaction. When we see wrongs that should be make right, problems that demand solutions, or hurts that call for healing, we should be dissatisfied. That inner sense of dissatisfaction, or discontent, should compel us to make a change and make a difference. Until we see that things can and should be better, we won’t invest ourselves into building a better life and a better future.

Beginning this Sunday at Liberty Hill we’ll begin a new series of Sunday morning teachings entitled Build“Build.” Our focus will be on building our faith and our character with the materials that God supplies us, following His design for life the way it was meant to be. This Sunday at 10:30 AM I’ll begin this series by talking about God’s foundation for our lives, and will be challenging us to see what God calls us to become. We are all a work in progress, as God is building something in our lives that will make a difference. Come join us as together we get our construction projects going!

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe Payne