This Sunday at Liberty Hill I’ll be concluding our series of “Questions” by dealing with a serious concern that has likely affected more believers than not: how can I know I’m saved? There are two possible responses to the question that make this such a critical question.

The first response is one which genuine believers can struggle with, and that is simply, “I don’t know.” But if a Christian is uncertain about their salvation, or where they stand with God, they can not only feel anxiety, but they may actually find their Christian life is seriously weakened. If a person Questionsis “trying hard to be a Christian,” but yet feels like she is failing, she may be tempted to believe that she will never make it; that there’s no hope. Or, a man struggling with assurance of his salvation can also begin living a self-focused Christian life, putting all of his spiritual energy and focus into himself, desperately hoping for a sense of peace. And the more spiritually self-absorbed he becomes, the less he will be able to help someone else. An uncertain believer can easily live a Christian life that has far less impact, influence, and power than God has made available to them. An insecure believer can’t grow in the faith, because he or she is “stuck” at the starting point.

The second response is the most dangerous, though. This is a response where someone replies with great certainty, but doesn’t have a true reason for having that certainty. This false confidence can come from poor theology, or even from an over-infated ego. It can come from a false belief about what salvation is, and how it is received. Or it can come from a false view of self, and an elevated view of their own morality and spirituality. This response is dangerous because it leads a person to believe he is “okay with God” when he isn’t. Our confidence has to come from what God has to say, not from what we have to say.

Whether the response to “How can I know I’m saved?” is one of uncertainty or of false assurance, the truth is what is needed to bring resolution to both. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM as we look to the Bible to see what God has to say about our salvation. The truth may surprise you!

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe Payne