Easter Sunday is quickly approaching, and that means Easter preparations are in high gear. Of course, that means different things for each of us. For some, that means it’s time to pick out a new outfit for the annual family picture. Maybe it means putting together a basket of gifts and goodies for your little ones. For others, it’s about reconnecting with your spiritual heritage and attending church with friends or family. Whether it’s dyeing eggs (and fingertips) along with overloading on sugar and chocolate, or whether it’s renewing your faith, this is just a great time of the year!

For a lot of us, Easter is the defining holiday of our faith. Week in and week out we attend church because of Easter. Every Sunday for us is a reminder that Christ rose from the grave, bringing redemption and eternal life to His followers. We may enjoy a lot of different Easter traditions and celebrations, but for us, it all comes a distant second to the turning point of Christianity: Jesus died for the sin of the world, but then overcame, sin, death, and hell by rising from the dead. He is alive, and so are we. Forevermore.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we begin preparing our hearts for Easter by having a special time of celebration and worship. In addition to our normal worship, the kiddos from our Kid Church will be joining us and will be taking the stage for a few songs. The crowing point of our service will be sharing in the Lord’s Supper together, reminding ourselves that not only did Jesus make the ultimate sacrifice for mankind, but that He still comes near to us today, offering Himself to us.

If you haven’t begun your Easter preparations yet, maybe this Sunday is the perfect time to get started. Join us at 10:30 AM and begin by turning your heart to the One who has given us His everything.

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe Payne