Our expectations for tomorrow affect how we live today. We make particular choices because we expect them to produce certain consequences. We anticipate rewards or benefit for some actions, so our expectation of benefit causes us to act in a certain way. Good expectations not only give us a sense of hope, they actually inspire us. We aim high today, anticipating the good results it brings tomorrow.

By that same standard, a life with no expectation is lived with little or no inspiration. Without hope, we are left to only live for whatever pleasure or relief the present moment can bring. And if the moment offers us nothing, then we find despair. Hopelessness leads to lifelessness.

So what are your expectations for life? What is it that you’re looking ahead to? What is theTis-The-Season-Title grand vision that you are focusing your ambitions and hopes toward? This Sunday at Liberty Hill we begin a new series entitled “‘Tis the Season,” and we’ll start this holiday season off by reminding ourselves that the promises of God inspire us to live today with tomorrow in mind. Join us at 10:30 AM and begin this Christmas season with a commitment to hope; a commitment to live with expectations that only God can fulfill!

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe Payne