We are all motivated by what is most important to us. We pursue what we treasure, and weLiberty Hill Church protect what we value. A treasure-driven life is the reality: for the most part, we routinely do what is important and valuable to us. So, from time to time, maybe we should look at the activity of our lives and ask ourselves what is really driving us? What is the real treasure that we spend our time, energy, and resources pursuing? To pause and take a look at what drives us is to begin to see the big picture of our lives; to not only see where we are, but also where our pursuits are likely going to take us.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill, Pastor Preston and myself will be discussing what the core values of Liberty Hill are, and how they reveal our treasure. We believe this experience will not only strengthen our church and remind us of our “big picture,” but also serve as a reminder to us individually to consider what is shaping our lives and driving our choices. Join us at 10:30 AM as we take a look at the big picture God has for our Liberty Hill family!

Grace Received,

Joe Payne