Theoretically, none of us can predict the future. We all know that life brings us plenty of unexpected surprises, and we experience events that in no conceivable way could we have foreseen. But in practice, we all live our lives with a very real sense of predicting the future. For example, we choose to save money today, for something we plan on buying in some tomorrow. We mark certain days and times on our calendars, planning our futures around these events that we don’t want to miss. We schedule, plan, and prepare, because we believe that most of life works around the simple, undeniable law of the universe: choice Desert Highwayequals consequence. We make choices today, because we anticipate the consequences they will bring us in the future. These choices we make either work for us or against us as our future will certainly become our present. Want to predict your future? I’m not going into the fortune-telling business, but unexpected surprises aside, we can all predict some aspects of our future by asking ourselves a simple question: what am I doing today? Regardless of who we are, the best way to understand what we can expect from tomorrow is to look at what we are doing today. Tomorrow brings us to the destination of the paths we’ve chosen from today and a long list of yesterdays.

This Sunday at 10:30 AM at Liberty Hill, I’ll be talking about “Becoming.” Each of us are engaged in the exact same process of “becoming,” but we will not all experience the same end results. Join us as we look at the process of bringing our choices in line with the future we desire!

Grace Received,

Joe Payne