Regardless of what the task may be, we’re never fully ready to face that challenge until our resolve has been set and our will is engaged. Even if we may not truly want to face that particular challenge, we are not ready for it until we are willing to face it regardless of desire. Readiness includes willingness.

In following Christ, our willingness is an area of our lives that becomes pivotal for the steps we take. Until we are willing to conform our life to His words and character, His Ready and Willingteachings and life may be nothing more than simply admirable to us. But once we become willing to learn from Him, to follow Him, and to obey Him, His life then becomes our example, our inspiration, and our motivation. The surrender of my will to Him may be the most crucial element in my journey of being transformed into the person God created me to be.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill we’ll be talking about what it is to be ready to do what God calls us to do, and to go where God leads us to go. Although we will not all be called to go to the same places or to do the same things, we all will be still be called by Him for something that is unique to our individual lives. A great example of this will be our special guest this Sunday, Abbie Warren. Abbie spent a great deal of her life growing up here at Liberty Hill, with her father, Phil Warren, serving as Pastor. Phil and his wife Cindy, along with their two boys Oliver and Harley, have since moved on to serve God through mission work in Saipan, and now Abbie is also responding to a similar call. She’ll be sharing with us how God has placed a call on her heart to teach and serve in the Philippines, and we’ll also see how we can support her in her mission and service. She is ready to go, as she is most certainly willing to go! Join us at 10:30 AM, and together we’ll explore where each of us has our “will” placed.

Grace Received,

Joe Payne