Somedays, you just can’t smile. It isn’t that you wouldn’t like to, it’s that you just can’t. It’s as if your heart refuses to give permission for the face to shine. Maybe it’s from sorrow. Maybe it’s from disappointment. Or maybe it’s the steady presence of frustration, shame, or some other bitter emotion that creates too much weight on the heart, and we just can’t find it in us to be happy. In those moments – or seasons – of life, the idea of finding joy seems impossible. Those are the times when we need a trusted voice to speak into our Finding Joylives, and remind us that we certainly can – and will – find joy again. That most trusted, most sure, and most true voice that speaks such a message to us is God.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill I’ll be taking on a challenging concept: “Finding Joy in Joyless Times.” As impossible as it may seem at such times, I believe that with God’s help and guidance we can indeed find joy in seasons of suffering and sadness. The more we feel that joy is out of our reach, the more we need the strength and encouragement of others to remind us that the truth is greater than our despair: God will bring us through. If you could use a little reminder yourself, or have someone that you care about who could use such a reminder, be with us Sunday at 10:30 AM and we’ll grow through it together!

Grace Received,

Joe Payne