Not too long ago at Liberty Hill, we decided to put into writing the principles and ideals  that we value most deeply. This list became our “Core Values Statement,” and can be found on our “About Liberty Hill” page. These are the values that define how we carry out the ministry and operations of the church, and what we must always be careful to protect. Two of those values are going to be discussed heavily for the next few weeks here at Liberty Hill:

7)    We value ministry to children, knowing that it is better to lead a life in the right direction early, rather than rescue a life later.

8)    We value ministry to families, knowing that the family unit is the first arena of learning to love one another. We seek to nurture and develop our relationships and our responsibilities to one another in the family.

Beginning this Sunday, these two values are shaping our conversation at Liberty Hill for the next several weeks. Pastor Preston Owens and our Children’s Ministry Director, Cheryl Parrish, will join me on stage as we have a round-table discussion on faith and family values. Essentially, we will be discussing how to help families experience God deeply, follow Jesus closely, and share Him effectively. This discussion will begin our 2014 Family Life Series, and we believe that this will be a great way to help us all become more intentional about making God the center of our homes. Plan to have more joy in your home by having the Creator and Giver of joy be the leader in your family! Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM as we open our lives to more and more of God’s grace and truth.

Grace Received,                                                                                              Joe Payne