If you and I made a list of things we need, certain physical things would probably come to mind first: food, clothing, shelter, etc. But if we pressed a little harder, we would start to recognize that there are other, far less tangible items that we also need. There is a need to love and be loved. There is also the need for that driving force of hope that pushes us through challenges. And of course, there is that deeply motivating quest to find happiness. We may be tempted to dismiss the non-tangible items as not true “needs,” but if we’ve ever tried to live without them for too long we likely discovered how incredibly important they are to our survival. And unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves running far too low in these “needs.”

This Sunday at Liberty Hill is our annual “Vision Sunday,” where we will take a look ahead Jan 12into a new year and consider what God is setting before us. For this Vision Sunday, I’ll be talking about a very desperate “need” that our culture has, and what we can do to respond to that need. Our response to this pressing, vital need will be a driving force for us in 2014. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM as we talk about both the need, and the cure!

Grace Received,

Joe Payne