Hopefully you have experienced all the good things that come with the Christmas season. It just seems a little easier to find more joy, happiness, and excitement at this time of the year.  Of course, it also seems that we experience some of the holiday stress, busyness, and frustrations, too. The more we try to accomplish and experience in our lives during the Dec_22holidays, the easier it also is to find more aggravation. Maybe we could all use a little reminder at Christmas that there are some things we need to make room for in our lives, and some things that we need to push away.

In the story of the birth of Christ, the innkeeper turned Mary and Joseph away because there was no room for them. If we’re not careful, we do the same things in our lives and schedules today. We make room for so many things other than the arrival of Jesus. This Sunday at Liberty Hill I’ll be reminding myself – and maybe you, too – that we have a definite need to make room for Jesus in our lives. In doing so, I also hope to offer a few suggestions on how to not let “the Grinch” into our lives! I hope you can make room in your plans this weekend for a little reminder about the reason for the season, and how we can make the most of it.

Our worship service this Sunday is being intentionally designed to allow our families to worship together. There will be no services for our children, toddlers, or infants outside of our worship services in the sanctuary and The Hub. The nursery will be open, of course, for parents that need to find a more quiet spot for their needs. Our children will be participating in our service, and will be helping lead us in our worship experience.

I hope to see you Sunday at 10:30 AM as we work on “Keeping the Grinch at Bay,” and above all, I hope you make room for the right person in your heart this Christmas!

Grace Received,

Pastor Joe