In the 1920s the United States Navy began developing a fleet of submarines. One of those was called the “USS S4,” or “S4” for short.

41-valentineTragically in 1927 off the coast of Massachusetts the S4 crossed paths with a US Battleship and consequently sank. None of the six crew members on board were able to escape the wreckage. However, before their demise a diver from the Battleship embarked on a rescue mission. As he navigated the outside of the submarine he heard one of the S4’s crew members pecking out a message in Morse Code on the inside wall of the vessel. The message was, “Is there any hope?” This seems to be the cry of all of humanity. Don’t we all just want to know that there is hope? Hope that tomorrow holds a greater future than our experiences today.

As we move closer and closer to Christmas many people are shopping to find that perfect gift for their loved one. This Sunday join us at Liberty Hill at 10:30AM as we look at the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope.

Grace and Peace