In any area of life, we recognize the existence of professionals. These are people with more training, experience, insight, and expertise in a particular field than the average person. In those areas, we are wise to take a step back and let the professionals do their job.

Unfortunately, sometimes in life we take a step back when need to take a step up. Prayer is just such an example. Most of us will struggle at times when it comes to prayer. We feel unqualified, or maybe even worse, disqualified. We wonder if we’re choosing the right words, if we’re following the right formula, or maybe even if God has already chosen to ignore us long before we started the conversation. But when it comes to prayer, God isn’t looking for “professionals.” Rather, He’s looking for people that will come to Him in sincerity and simplicity, in spirit and in truth. He’s looking for people that are willing to trust Him enough to spill their heart to Him; for people that are willing to draw close to Him.

Sep 8

This Sunday at 10:30 AM, join us at Liberty Hill Church as I talk about why God isn’t looking for professional prayer experts, just for people who are humble enough to call out to Him. In prayer, it’s best if we leave the attitude of professionalism behind and remember that we’re all amateurs; just people that need to talk to a God who is ready to listen.

Grace Received,                                                                                          Joe Payne