The Bible contains an immeasurable amount of simple truths that are clear, straightforward, and easy to understand. But it also contains other things that definitely do not fit that description! Even for many life-long Christians, the Bible can be a veryAug 18 complex and intimidating book. But even though there are passages of the Bible that are deep and mysterious, the overall message of the Bible is very simple despite all that it must include. And this Sunday at 10:30 AM, that’s what we’ll be talking about. The story the Bible tells is for our highest benefit, both as individuals and collectively as a people. From the opening pages of Genesis to the closing words of Revelation, there is a definite flow of ideas that crosses the span of centuries and the hands of authors through which the Bible was written. Whether you have never opened a page of the Bible before in your life, or are a well-versed student of the Bible, you’re invited to join us at Liberty Hill this Sunday and experience the story of the Bible for yourself!

Grace Received,                                                                                                Joe Payne