We are excited for the launch of two new ministries here at Liberty Hill: Helping Hands, and Care Connection. An orientation and training session for volunteers interested in being a part of one or both of these new ministries will take place this Sunday at 9:30 AM in the sanctuary.

Helping Hands is a ministry designed to give assistance to those with limited physical abilities or limited financial resources by helping with small household or automotive repairs.

Care Connection is a ministry designed to give assistance to those who are hospitalized, recovering from an illness, or otherwise homebound. Our volunteers here will be serving by offering encouragement through visits and prayer, checking on well-being, and helping with small household tasks or errands.

We believe that these two new ministries will provide great opportunities for more of us to be involved in helping share Christ effectively with others, and allow us to experience God more deeply in the process. We believe that by God’s power we can make a difference in our world, and these ministries are just two new ways to help us do so. I’m excited about these new opportunities to live out our faith, and I hope to see you on Sunday!

Grace Received,                                                                                          Joe Payne