By itself, “in” is a small word, but it becomes much larger when it is linked to other words. Much, much, larger! We would all agree that being “in” trouble, “in” danger, “in” jail, or “in” desperation, are all pretty big deals. I’m also sure that those are spots that none of us would ever want to be “in.”

“In” carries the idea of position, of a state that is much greater than simply being “close.”June 9 This Sunday at Liberty Hill I’ll be talking about a key concept that makes an incredible difference in how we understand Christianity, and really, even in how we approach our daily lives. “The ‘In’ Crowd” will focus on what it means to be truly alive, and to live our lives from a place of security and confidence in God. We can live our lives in confident hope, knowing that we are in His hands. I don’t know about you, but count me in on that! Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM and see if it’s also a place for you!

Grace Received,                                                                                               Joe Payne