There are moments when life is peaceful and uncomplicated, and we are able to treasure every good thing that makes it so. But at other times, life can be so fast-paced and hectic that we feel like our moments are simply running together, and it’s all that we can do just to catch up. Although these two perspectives are vastly different, there is something that they still share in common: the moments are still leading you someplace. Every day – every moment – we are in the process of becoming. The issue is who I am becoming. Is life leading us, or are we leading life? Are we letting our circumstances negatively change the kind of person we are, or are we instead developing the kind of character that allows us to rise above our circumstances?

Over the next few weeks at Liberty Hill we’ll be talking about facing our future with a April 14clear awareness that we are responsible for what we do with our moments; for who we become. This Sunday I’ll begin the discussion with a message entitled “Learning My Name,” and we’ll focus on understanding what has shaped us to be the kind of person we are. I’m excited about how God can not only change our eternities, but how He can also change our present moments. Join us at 10:30 AM on Sunday and see if God can shine a new light on your own future as well!

Grace Received,                                                                                          Joe Payne