If life is a journey, then every moment of your life has been a step, taking you further down your path. Even the moments you wish you could take back. Dark moments of sorrow…regret…fear…disappointment…anger…they’re all taking you somewhere. The question is not whether you will have moments of darkness in life, but rather, where will your moments take you? And what do the moments of your life look like from God’s perspective?

Join us this Easter Sunday as we consider just how much our moments matter, and how the resurrection of Jesus Christ makes a difference in where our moments are taking us. My prayer is that this Easter gives each of us a moment that lasts more than lifetime!

And for those that haven’t been to Liberty Hill before, just let me give you an idea of what to expect: You don’t have to dress up – blue jeans or blue suits, we’re just glad you’re there. You won’t be pressured to give money – we have opportunities to give, but no opportunities to extort. You can breathe easy – we won’t do anything to try and make you stand out, feel awkward, or question what we’re going to put you through. We gather together each Sunday to experience God deeply, follow Jesus closely, and share Him effectively. As a guest, you will have opportunities to do the same, but the choice to do so will always be up to you.

Grace Received,                                                                                          Joe Payne

March 31(a)