Many of us are constantly working on “keeping our priorities straight.” With so many demands on our time, so many things we must do, and so many things we simply want to do, it’s easy for us to feel the stress of being pulled in too many directions. From time to time, then, we pledge to work toward a solution of rearranging our priorities. The truth is, our priorities are always right where we want them. With the occasional exception, we inevitably spend our time and energy in the pursuit of what we believe really is most precious to us. We do what we believe will provide the greatest benefit. What we need from time to time, then, is not a priorities checkup, but a values checkup; a time to look at how we’ve been spending our time, energy, and resources, and seeing what we’ve been considering most valuable. Even the best of us can let our values get out of whack, and we can fool ourselves into pursuing things that aren’t worth the true investment of our lives. Last Sunday at Liberty Hill we began a series of messages that focus on “Developing Our Values,” we continue this Sunday by taking a look at how we can actually change our values. If you think you might need a values-adjustment, we think you’ll be in good company with us as we seek to do that very same thing!

Grace Received,                                                                                              Joe Payne