A worthy goal for all of us is to live a life that impacts others in a positive way. For good or bad, we all exert some influence on the world around us. What if we intentionally lived our lives in such a way that our goal was to bring out the best in others, and help lead others to the best? This is where the math becomes interesting: what if the people we Jan 20 Developing the Next Generationbring benefit to, in turn bring benefit to others? Rather than a simple addition of a few good deeds plus a few other good deeds here and there, this becomes a multiplication of good. The greatest way to multiply good in this world is for you and I to intentionally seek to promote good in the lives of others, and teach them to do the same. The Bible says that in Jesus we are created for good works (Ephesians 2:10). Essentially, a church is meant to be a part of the body of Christ that serves as a community promoting His goodness to others. This Sunday, Pastor Preston Owens will be talking about our responsibility to multiply God’s goodness by developing the next generation. Working together, we are part of God’s solution for the darkness that we are all too familiar with in our world. Shine your light, share His grace, and multiply the good!

Grace Received,                                                                                           Joe Payne