Our mission statement at Liberty Hill clarifies our purpose by declaring that as a church we are seeking to experience God deeply, follow Jesus closely, and share Him effectively. It is this third part of our mission that is capturing our focus this coming Sunday. Sharing Christ not only includes the concepts of evangelism and service, but also that of fellowship. It is this idea of sharing life together – of connecting to one another in meaningful ways – that serves as a foundational value for us at Liberty Hill. We are a community of people that understands our need for one another, and how our relationships impact our spiritual lives.

This is coming into sharp focus for us this Sunday at Liberty Hill because it’s time once again for our annual Harvest Offering. This year, our Harvest Offering will help fund something that our congregation has missed: room to enjoy time together! We began this year by transforming our existing fellowship and recreation space into classrooms and worship space, creating The Hub. Although this has been a fantastic addition to our church, we knew that we would have to look for new ways to replace that precious space. Our Trustees have worked diligently to create a plan that will allow our church to add on more space for classrooms, activities, and for fellowship through a multi-purpose facility that could even be easily converted into worship space (should we again need to go that route!). This Sunday, our regular weekly offering is being skipped as we are asking all offerings to be collected into the Harvest Offering, with all of the donations going towards the new building project.

Rather than seeing this as a building, though, I see it as a tool; an additional means of allowing us to continue stretching our lives as we pursue the purpose of experiencing, following, and sharing together. We have much to be thankful for at Liberty Hill, but we are far from wanting to sit back and watch life go by. We want to actively pursue what God has for us, and together experience what He has in store for us! We who have received much, have much to share! God bless you as we keep moving forward!

Grace Received,                                                                                          Joe Payne