The imagination is an incredible gift from God. It allows us to dream, to create, to envision; to turn what is into what could be, and what could be into what is. Imagination allows our world to expand, to recognize that there are limits to our physical senses, and even to our present understanding. It allows us to trust what cannot be seen.

But imagination can also create fear, suspicion, doubt; even bitterness and resentment. Just as we can imagine beautiful things, we can also imagine a reality that is dark and sinister. Our eyes can see the physical world, and our imagination can describe it to us in unpleasant and threatening imagery. We can all see the same world, but imagine such different possibilities.

This Sunday, I’ll be talking about what our mind imagines when we look at our own corner of the world. What we see in our imagination drastically affects our choices, opinions, and even our relationships. Join me at 10:30 AM, and let’s talk about “Seeing Things!”

Grace Received,                        Joe Payne