For the past few weeks at Liberty Hill we’ve focused on answering questions about church life as we’ve been in our series “More Than a Steeple.” This Sunday, we take a look at some of the feelings people encounter that may keep them from being involved in church. Specifically, this Sunday we intend to remind ourselves that there are no perfect people in church, and that we are all equally in need of a gracious and merciful Savior. We all stumble along the way, but Christ is always able to pick us up, and remind us that He has a place for us in His kingdom. And at Liberty Hill, we want to follow His example and make sure that we also have room for those that struggle and stumble in their spiritual walk. Join us this Sunday as Pastor Phil speaks on “Stumblers and Stragglers,” and be reminded of God’s ability to redeem us regardless of our weaknesses!

I also want to encourage you to be with us this Sunday for a very incredible announcement from Pastor Phil. He’ll be sharing some amazing news, and we hope that you can be with us for this special moment together.

Grace Received,                                                                                         Joe Payne