For some people, the prospect of going to church can be unappealing for a fairly simple reason: assumption that they wouldn’t fit in because they don’t share the same beliefs. Most people who attend church together certainly share many of the same beliefs, but it’s also important to recognize that in any group of people – even in a church – we’re all in different places of faith. We don’t all grow in our faith at the same rate, nor are we all in the same places of life. Some are living in times of triumph, while others are in the midst of turmoil and testing. As odd as this may seem, a church can not be a place for growing believers unless it also contains room for doubt. Faith does not grow in the absence of questions, but rather in the pursuit of truth. At Liberty Hill, part of our mission is to share Christ effectively – which means that we are able to stand beside one another in times of both faith and doubt. This Sunday we continue our series “More Than a Steeple,” and I’ll be talking about having “Room for Doubt.” Whether you are a committed believer or a diligent seeker, we have room for you!

Grace Received,                                                                                               Joe Payne