It’s an old proverb, but it’s truth hasn’t aged a bit: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Consistency, one step at a time, will take small steps and turn them into a great journey.

This also holds true in the lives of those of us who follow Christ. Following Christ takes us on a great journey in which His Spirit and Word work to transform us, changing us to reflect more of His character. Since my character is much different than Christ, this is indeed a great journey! But one step at a time of following Him, He is taking me closer and closer to the mark He has set for me.

This Sunday at Liberty Hill I’ll be talking about how we take this great journey of transformation; the steps of following Christ. It will be part three in our “Bullseye” series, as we spend time focusing on our targeted mission as a church: seeking to experience God deeply, follow Jesus closely, and share Him effectively. We hope you take the steps to be with us, but even greater than that, we hope you’re taking the steps that are leading you on the great journey of becoming more like Jesus!

Grace Received,                                                                                          Joe Payne