Experience is the flavor of life. It creates memories, directs emotions, develops understanding, and gives a depth to what we know that could not come any other way. Perhaps that’s why someone created the old adage, “There’s no substitute for experience.”

Spiritually, experience is no less important. There are countless ways that we can have spiritual experiences, but I describe experiencing God as what happens when we suddenly become aware of His work and presence in our lives. Once we have such an experience, we are never again precisely the same as we once were. And the greater the experience, the greater the change. The more deeply we experience God, the more committed we become to following Jesus closely, and to sharing Him effectively – which is our mission at Liberty Hill.

Last Sunday we kicked off a new series entitled “Bullseye,” which defines our target in life as going through the repeated cycles of experience – follow – share. This Sunday, Pastor Preston focuses on this first movement of experience. He’ll be speaking on what it is to experience God, and how we can open our lives to having even greater experiences with Him. I’m looking forward to what Preston has to say, and I hope you can also be with us. Come experience God, and see where He will take you!

Grace Received,                                                                                         Joe Payne