With apologies to fans of the red solo cup song, I really like our Liberty Hill blue cups much better! All through the month of July we’ve been filling our blue plastic cups with change, and doing our best to help make change for the people of Dos Caminos, Honduras. We have collected – and yes, rolled – thousands of coins these past few weeks, and this Sunday is the grand finale of our “Agua por Dos Caminos” project. The funds we have collected will go toward the purchase of a pump in a community water well in the village of Dos Caminos, which is home to over 1,500 families that presently have to buy their drinking water. Your gifts of spare change are truly making a very real change in the lives of thousands of people! $2,000 is needed to purchase the pump, and I can tell you that we will reach that goal! What will we do with any extra funds? We will begin to work on the next project, which is to help a village named MarchEleventh (named after the date it was founded) dig a well. We are well on our way to improving the quality and health of thousands of lives, all in the name of Christ! And of course, we will accept cash and checks just as much as we will accept change! 🙂

This Sunday’s service will not only be special because of Agua por Dos Caminos, but also because three children will be baptized! We are excited for these three families, and can’t wait to celebrate this special moment in their faith!

I’ll be bringing the message this Sunday, and I’ll be talking about how God accomplishes His work. “Miracles, Process, and Purpose” will talk about the fact that at times it seems to us that God isn’t working in our lives, and will hopefully help us understand how He actually is working. We may not always see the evidence of God’s work in our lives, but His presence doesn’t depend on our understanding but rather on His purpose: and His purpose certainly includes working in our lives!

I hope you’re making plans to be with us Sunday at 10:30 AM, and that you’ll be ready to celebrate a great day in the life of our growing, Liberty Hill family!

Grace Received,                                                                                         Joe Payne