The pace is picking up at Liberty Hill, as we’re gearing up for another great summer! One of the biggest items on our calendar, of course, is our Vacation Bible School. This year’s theme is “Sky,” and since all things are possible with God, the sky’s the limit! “Sky” will take place the week of July 16 – 20, and I hope you’re making plans to be involved! If you haven’t registered your child yet, you can do so by clicking here.

The General Baptist National Youth Conference is nearly a week away now, and our students are getting ready for another great experience! Every student or parent that is attending NYC will need to meet briefly with Allen Hughes, our Junior High group leader, after this Sunday morning’s service. The meeting will be brief, but it’s very important to get with him for some needed info!

Our first-ever Family Missions Team has arrived back safe and sound from their trip to Honduras! We had an amazing trip, and we all had such incredible experiences that it’s impossible to put into words. We will share a little about our trip during this Sunday’s worship service. I am glad to report that we presented our children’s “VBS” to five villages, a state-run orphanage, and also to the children of Faith Home. Additionally, we delivered beans, rice, and other food staples to the village of El Barro and also to the government-run orphanage (we also gave a supply of diapers there, as the orphanage has such little funding they had used the last of their supply before we arrived). We ministered to more than 500 children and their families, but God ministered to us far more deeply!

Our 2012 Family Life Series comes to an end this Sunday, as Pastor Phil will speak on “A Man’s Place.” We believe this will be a great part of your Father’s Day, and we hope to see you here!

Grace Received,                                                                                         Joe Payne