We always love our Sundays at Liberty Hill, but this one will be extra special! In this coming Sunday’s service we will celebrate three great events: a baptism, baby dedications, and the ordination of Preston Owens! Four families will be dedicating their little ones: the Owens, Rawson, Nation, and Herman families! We know these precious families are excited about their big day, and so are we!

Our Worship Pastor, Preston Owens, will have a bigger day than all of us, though! He and his wife Kellie will be dedicating their little Mollie, and following that, we will have an ordination ceremony that will make him an official ordained minister! Although I don’t think he necessarily wants people to refer to him as “Reverend Owens,” I’m letting you know that you can if you want to!

After his ordination, the newly-commissioned Rev. Owens will be delivering the message. Continuing in our “Beyond Opinion” series, Preston will address the question: “Do You Have to Go to Church to Be a Christian?” Sometimes, churches get a bad rap. We all know that every church has nothing but imperfect people in attendance, but sometimes the actions of a few become excuses for others to not attend. Others may not attend church because they either don’t see the value or the need to be involved. We want to move beyond a quickly-formed opinion on this issue, and we believe Pastor Preston will help us consider the evidence!

We hope you can be with us Sunday to celebrate what God has already done, to experience what God is doing, and to prepare for what He will do!

Grace Received,                                                                                         Joe Payne