What a weekend for the Liberty Hill family! On Saturday, volunteers from our Children’s Ministries helped out at two area events: the Dexter PAT 5K run/walk Strollerthon, and the Bloomfield Community Egg Hunt. Cheryl Parrish, our Children’s Ministry Director, is shown in the picture at right. She’s with Ryan McAnally and his new little red wagon, which he won as a drawing from Liberty Hill. Our volunteers stayed busy at both events, doing their best to help serve!

A big Saturday gave way to an even bigger Sunday! We began our Palm Sunday worship service with our children leading us in celebration, reminding us of how Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem before Passover. With their palm branches waving, they helped Pastor Preston and our worship team get our service started off right!

You may have noticed in the pictures that our sanctuary has a nice blue tint to it. That’s because we wanted to “light it up blue” as part of autism awareness. We have several families in our congregation that live with the challenges that autism brings, and Michelle Parrot, our Special Needs Coordinator, helped us become more aware of the needs that come with autism.

We had two packed houses Sunday, and we’re glad that people are really enjoying The Hub. It not only gives us more worship space, it also provides a very unique worship experience. We’re getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who’ve experienced The Hub, and we’re thankful for what it’s adding to our ministry efforts.

Many of us are most thankful, though, for the four baptisms that were a part of Sunday’s service. The link below is to the video that was shown during service, introducing our four baptismal candidates to the church. We loved hearing what they had to say, and as you’ll see, George’s story is a moving reminder of what God can do in a person’s life.

Baptism (4-1-12)

The pictures below show Pastor Phil leading the baptismal ceremonies for our four candidates. We’re proud of their decisions of faith, and are thankful to be a part of their lives!








For the message, I concluded our series of “Parables of Principle” by talking about the one principle that Jesus spoke of more often than anything else: faith. Specifically, about the kind of faith that leads us to be saved. Jesus taught that, for mankind, salvation is impossible. Fortunately, with God, it is possible. Salvation is not something that we experience through our personal abilities, goodness, or achievements, but is something that we can only receive as a gift. God has done the impossible work, and offers it to us. Whether we trust that is sufficient to save us or not is the question we each have to work through.

Each Sunday at Liberty Hill we are reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. God has been working in our lives, and we recognize that there is still work to be done. We come together each week to continue on in our journey of growing, changing, and becoming the people God has called us to be. It’s the greatest aim of life to experience God deeply, follow Jesus closely, and to share Him effectively! Come join us and find out for yourself!

Grace Received,                                                                                               Pastor Joe