Sometimes it seems that the easiest thing in the world is to see what other people are doing wrong! If we’re seeking to follow Jesus, what do we do with His teaching of “Judge not?” The answer may not be as simple as we might think, since He also taught, “Judge with righteous judgment!” Either Jesus contradicted Himself or this issue requires more depth than it sometimes receives. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 AM as I talk about the attitude Jesus wants to develop among His followers with a message entitled, “Who Can You Judge?”

This weekend, the finishing touches are being applied to our remodeling and expansion efforts. I am amazed by the time and energy our volunteers have poured into this project! Far more than just a construction project, our volunteers have made this work an offering to God of their time and abilities. In just a few short weeks, our gymnasium has become a second sanctuary, it has added two classrooms, our office area has been relocated and expanded, our lobby and main hallway has been enlarged, and we have now become equipped for video transmission and recording! Whether you’re a weekly part of our Liberty Hill family or a first-timer, you’ll be impressed by our Trustees’ labor of love!

Thank you, God, for what you’re doing in the hearts of our Liberty Hill family!

Grace Received,                                                                                                                         Pastor Joe